Table Top – Necta Krea

Krea is the ideal solution for hotels, communities, self-service locations and completes the Necta portfolio of breakfast solutions. The modern and elegant design is enriched by LED lights, chromium-plated push-buttons and frame surrounding the selection area and elegant side graphic panels.

This represents one of Krea’s many features, together with the fact that the coffee hopper and waste container’s capacity are perfectly balanced, to guarantee the highest level of operational efficiency.

Technical innovations

  • Patented Z4000 coffee brewer and new Freemix instant technology
  • Top quality drinks and optimized delivery times
  • Modular canisters for instant products
  • Compact espresso boiler with 600 cc capacity for high throughput

Design and user interface

  • Elegant and appealing design with precious chromium plated frame around the selection area
  • Chromium plated push buttons with well readable LED lit selection area
  • Matt-brushed aluminium side panels
  • Possibility of LED lighting in the cup station plus cup sensor option
  • Stainless steel cup support

Electronics and maintenance

Elektronik und Wartung
  • Enhanced 16 bit electronics with 4 MB flash memory
  • Large graphic display 128 X 64 pixel with possibility to show simple animations
  • Configuration of the machine set-up through GIGA management software
  • Colour coding of the main internal components for easy maintenance

Table Top – Necta Korinto

High capacity for high production - Korinto is aimed at the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) market, complementing Necta’s range with its multi-drink dispenser solutions. The result of Necta’s advanced technology development, Korinto offers a professional level of performance, optimising high quality drinks and ease of operation. With a sturdy stylish design that features a stainless steel delivery area able to accommodate up to 24 cm jugs and large user-friendly selection buttons, Korinto easily complements any environment it is placed in.

Sturdy design

  • A super-automatic hot beverage dispenser with highest quality components to support heavy workloads
  • Stainless steel delivery area
  • Possible use of up to 24 cm jugs

Simple user interface

  • A wide ranging machine with broad appeal
  • Large user-friendly selection buttons and simple display
  • It can be used in self-service mode or easily operated by non professional personal


  • A complementary range of accessories is available to suit every client’s requirements
  • Payment system module, cup module, cup warmer, cup warmer with fridge, base cabinets, etc.