Sanremo Verona TCS

The Verona TCS is one of Sanremo’s flagship machines, incorporating classic styling with cutting edge technology and functionality. The Verona TCS is a machine designed to produce high quantities of the very highest of standards in espresso based coffees and associated hot drinks.

At its heart is Sanremo’s innovative TCS system (Temperature Control System). This comprises a separate boiler for each group/station which enables you to use each group at a specific and stable temperature to obtain optimum and consistent brewing results, tailored even to work with different blends of coffee.

A large boiler dedicated to the production of steam, gives the ability to make intensive use of steam (for instance, to produce a large number of cappuccinos) without affecting the quality of coffee extraction in any way. The machine also uses “fresh” water directly from the mains supply (rather than boiler) to make tea or other drinks requiring hot water, optimising quality across the drink spectrum. Top level functionality incorporated in the Verona TCS includes: on/off timer, auto back-flush routine (cleaning), LED espresso control monitor, adjustable pre-infusion, the ability to set service and filter requirements and retrieve detailed audit data.

The big distinctive curves of the Verona give it a fantastic and luring visual presence, enhancing traditional and contemporary drink settings. To obtain a perfect cup of coffee, the machine is also equipped with a system for the programmable pre-infusion. The Verona TCS is also available in a “tall cup” version for large capacity coffee production.

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