Sanremo Torino

Torino is another Sanremo rétro design coffee maker, in fact its source of inspiration comes from the famous vintage radios. The model features three gauges on the front: one showing the boiler pressure, one the pump pressure and one indicating the right temperature to make a perfect coffee. With features including a large 12 litre boiler, fast steam wands, built-in rotary pump, pre-mechanical infusion and a height adjustable system, the Torino SED is the perfect machine for busy environments boasting a range of elements that compliment a barista with an eye for detail.

Torino is a big capacity boiler traditional machine suggested for busy coffee shops and business looking for eye-catching and stylish retro looks. It has been designed to optimize and maximize the technical service, thanks to some aesthetic solutions which allow the technician to operate rapidly and precisely on the machine itself.

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