Oktober 2017

ANUGA Cologne

Our long-standing customer KÜHLMANN Gourmet Salate has once again purchased support from GRUPPO CS for the ANUGA 2017.

EuroSpine Dublin

It was once again a huge success. The MEDTRONIC Caffe Bar was "the" attraction during this year's EuroSpine in Dublin. It was for us again a mega fun for the Medtronic team to work.

Book Fair Frankfurt 2017

Books, tablets, mangas ... and perfect coffee. That fits everything together. Also this year it was again a great cooperation between our customers Libri, Hamburg and BOD Books on Demand, Norderstedt.

DGNR NeuroRad Cologne 2017

The last time in the Gürzenich ....; - - ((But it's going to be very busy.) The next year we went to Frankfurt, it was a more than worthy farewell from Cologne STRYKER.

DKOU Berlin

This year, we are again working for our long-term customers Medtronic and smith & nephew in Berlin to the DKOU.

CPHI Frankfurt

After Barcelona last year, we will be together with our customer SANDOZ in Frankfurt this year. Our team is now looking forward to a successful congress

September 2017

AGA Congress Munich

Also this year, the company smith & nephew presents itself at the AGA in Munich. The GRUPPO CS team spoils customers and employees throughout the congress.

MOW - Kitchen Mouth - area30

It was a great challenge this year. But we did it. In addition to HÄCKER, Poggenpohl, Ballerina and Rotpunktküchen, manufacturers such as PELIPAL could be found in our customer list. We have also been able to support all local caterers with our technology and services.

CIRSE Copenhagen

The CIRSE is growing .... This year we were able to support the following companies with our services: MEDTRONIC, Terumo, Cordis, Abbott, BBraun, Cardionovum.

DGG Frankfurt

In addition to our classic service of coffee catering, many private label products produced by us have also been used for this year's DGG in Frankfurt.

April 2017

DGK Congress Mannheim Rosengarten 2017

What a comeback in the Rosengarten. This year we were allowed to play very big cinema. Medtronic Germany booked 3 Espressomaschinen including 3 BARISTA and 4 hostesses. The bar was a mega success! Also with our customers GETINGE and Cordis was a mega rush at the bars

HMI - Hannover Trade Fair Industry 2017

We're back in Hannover. 10 machines less than the CeBit. With 11 machines we were also not sad. Our warehouse is also empty ... For the DGK Mannheim and also the advance to the CX Meeting London ran parallel.

CX Meeting London 2017 - Kensington Olympia Hall

Also this year we were invited to the Charing Cross in the old staged Olympia Hall in London. This year we were able to supply the following customers: Medtronic, Cordis, ABBOTT, Cardionovum and B.Braun

March 2017

CeBit Hannover 2017

We could hardly believe it. This year, we delivered a total of 21 Espresso machines to CeBit in Hanover. A gigantic order. Thank you very much for your great trust.

Book Fair Leipzig 2017

It was really nice again. This year, the book fair Leipzig once again felt quite great.

Our BARISTA had really much to do and BOD Books on Demand, Hamburg was again mega-satisfied. Buchmesse Frankfurt was immediately booked again during the fair.

February 2017

E-World Food 2017

This year, too, we are allowed to acclimatize all our long-standing customers at the E-World in Essen with our coffee catering services. Our BARISTA have once again been able to look forward to many satisfied and happy faces. From our customer GDF Suez has now become ENGIE. From the name has changed nothing ... :-)

DGTHG Leipzig 2017

The Leipzig metropolis has already brought us again. It has only just been three weeks, since we catern again at the Leipzig fair. This time again for Medtronic, MAQUET Getinge and Cryolife.

Januar 2017

Coffee Catering

It is once again a year passed us .... and now it goes again with Volldampf. At this year's DOMOTEX in Hanover, we are present with two customers.

This year, we are also represented at IMM Cologne KFF Design relies on our services.

LINC International Course 2017 Leipzig

Incomprehensible however was. This year we were able to spoil 10 customers with our services at the Linc in Leipzig. In addition to our existing customers MEDTRONIC, Cook Medical, Cordis and ABBOTT, Spectranetics, Shockwave, Cardionovum, Straub Medical, etc. have also been added. It was a mega success. Our 23-strong team has mastered everything perfectly. Also at this point a big thank you to all.

October 2016

ESICM Milan - MiCo Congressi

MAQUET Gettinge wants to know this year. Again GRUPPO CS is in the country of espresso on the go. After the huge success with MAQUET in Glasgow in June now also in Milan.

CPHI Barcelona

Sandoz Novartis set in the 3rd year on the Coffee Catering from GRUPPO CS.

DGG 3 countries meeting Bern / Switzerland

The Swiss are not safe from us. In addition to our regular customers MAQUET, Cook Medical and Terumo VASCUTEK of our Coffee Catering teams are supplied with all specialties. Included are again various private label products from our company to our customers. Private Label Coffee to go cups, ice coffee in cans etc.

Euro Spine Berlin

This year's EURO SPINE place for a change taking place in Germany. We expect again to the 5,000 coffees in the 3 days.

DGNR Gürzenich Köln

STRYKER replaced on the service and services of GRUPPO CS this year

Frankfurt Book Fair

2 x Coffee Catering 1 x complete stand catering. GRUPPO CS supervised this year again its existing customers at the Book Fair Frankfurt. LIBRI is already looking forward again to our team and our delicacies ....

IZB Wolfsburg

The VW - Volkswagen Hausmesse developing well on for GRUPPO CS. This year we supply, among other things our new customers FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes. We are not just with our BARISTA team. Our popular Currywurst - to - go is also used again.

DKOU Berlin 2016

The month of October will now be in the capital Berlin for us to be the end. From 24-28/10/2016 care we again many of our regular customers with our specialty coffees as well as with our stand catering.

September 2016

CIRSE Barcelona

For the first time we have the CIRSE supplied with 6 espresso bars. In addition to our regular customers this year ABBOTT, Cardionovum and CORIS with it. It was a great Congress. Thank you very much

AGA Basel

Following the CIRSE it went straight on to the AGA Congress in Switzerland to Basel for smith & nephew

FRANKI construction

We are approaching this year the Kichturm. This year's construction and basic day in Bielefeld municipal hall are among the first coffee catering in our region. but Crazy was. We travel throughout Germany and Europe but outside the front door happened to date little. We worked and operated Aquise .... ;-)

MOW, area30, Küchenmeile 2016

21 Coffee and espresso machines are out. Accompanied by dishwashers, glasses, crockery etc. The new warehouse provides virtually cleared out ... ROTPUNKT, Pelipal, Häcker kitchens, etc. Our team is just a little head ... ;-)

MöllerGroup Lemgo 50th

Immediately following the construction and basic day it went on at the 50.jährigen anniversary Möller Group in Lemgo / Lippe. The guests enjoyed until late into the night at the specialty coffees and latte art arts our BARISTA.

Stadtwerke Herford

Stadtwerke Herford celebrate on September 24 and 25 to their open day. GRUPPO CS cares about the coffees with cakes from the bakery Thiel from Hattingen.

PHOTOKINA Cologne 2016 Glastech Dusseldorf, IAA Commercial Vehicles

September is quite nice. But sometimes we wonder why all event in September must be parallel. With MERCEDES Benz, OMNIplus, SETRA and Thermo King, we can win the big players in the industry for us. The IAA is a real challenge for our guys and gals. 9 days Coffee Catering consistently? Kudos I always say. Stramme performance. Also at Photokina Cologne and Dusseldorf Glastech in the service, technology and catering of GRUPPO CS were in demand.

Krumme CULTURE NIGHT Detmold

On September 30, takes place again Krumme CULTURE NIGHT. Here you will find our beautiful 44 years old coffee-Ape. Let yourself be pampered.

August 2016

MOTORSPORT we can !!!!

In the year 6 of our support of the Formula Student, the arrow points upward. In addition to the Formula Student e.V. we could also Volkswagen again among our customers during the Formula Student at the Hockenheimring.

ESC Rome

The Romans call the Germans. Under disem motto this year for GRUPPO CS the ESC Congress in Rome / Italy. It's spill asked yourself crazy in the land of espresso, if we do not want to please run this job. What we always say: "GERMAN thoroughness"

July 2016

Moving from left to right ......

We used the nice summer time to move our operation. One end is already in sight.

To 09.01.2016 we start to our new address: GRUPPO CS, Industriestrasse 1, 33818 Leopoldshöhe

June 2016

Glasgow, Nice, Frankfurt and Hannover which wild mix .....

EuroELSO Glasgow, Cardiostim Nice, DGNC Frankfurt and the Mercedes Benz Service days in Hannover were again supplied by a variety of BARISTA teams GRUPPO CS specialty coffees.

May 2016

EuroPCR Paris 2016

It was a very exhausting May. Like every year, we supplied this year the EuroPCR in Paris with our mobile coffee and espresso bars. Our long-standing regular customers. CORDIS now has - Cardinal Health joins. We also offer for the first time for a prior CARDIONOVUM & Catering Concept developed.

ERA EDTA 2016 Vienna

Also this year we spoil our Italian friends and customers of BELLCO SRL with our typical Italian coffee specialties.

April 2016

April showers do what he wants ... Also this year it comes in April really high here. At PaintExpo we have this year, the company Venjakob and Oltrogge supported.

Even this year's event the company STRYKER, in Hamburg Bucerius Law School, was a great success again. We are looking forward to the next year.

HMI 2016 - Hannover

Our cooperation with Messe Gastronomie Hannover Messe is thriving. At the Hannover Messe 2016, we have in addition to Microsoft, the company INTEL can convince with our technology and service.

CX Meeting London 2016

It was to be beautiful in London again. The Olympic Hall in Kensington is a wonderful location for conventions. Our client MEDTRONIC was also this year very happy with the cooperation.

GRUPPO CS moves!!!

So it's done !!! We will enlarge our geographic massively this year. We will start from June 2016 our gradual move. At the beginning of the administrative area will be relocated. In the second half of the year the logistics, shipping, customer service and showroom will move to our new location. Then we have 2,500m² ground and more than 1000m² high rack warehouse space. Next we have there plenty of room for our large fleet. Our suppliers are already looking forward to the new location.

Our new location will be found at the following address. GRUPPO CS, Industriestr. 1, 33818 Leopoldshöhe. The delivery trucks, etc. is controlled by the access of Fettpott Str. So we will have since that time all suppliers ( PAULINI CAFFÈ, FRANCINI Prosecco, Römerquelle Mineralwater and SANREMO coffee machines) under one roof.


March 2016

Internorga Hamburg

It's that time again. INTERNORGA in Hamburg is coming  and opens its doors from 11.03.-03.16.2016. We are back again. You will find us at the company N & W Globalvending in Hall B1.EG Booth 205 and at Sanremo Coffee Machines in Hall B3. OG Booth 207. We will be happy for your visit.

CeBit Hannover

This year we are once again represented at the CeBit in Hannover with two espresso machines. We look forward to the very stressful time .... ;-)

Leipzig Book Fair

It's hard to believe, but also the Leipzig Book Fair opens its doors again soon. We are curious to see if there will be a new record again this year. Books on Demand and Libri from Hamburg are also supplied in this year of our BARISTA Team's at the booth.

DGK Mannheim

Normal we always start the spring season in Mannheim with the DGK. This congress will take place but this year much earlier instead. We are on site in Mannheim from 30.03.-04.02.2016. We hope that awaits us once again this year the spring at this season. We serve three companies from the medical technology here locally. MAQUET, Cordis and Webster.

February 2016

DGTHG Leipzig 2016

Also this year, we take care of the welfare of our customers. This year is the first time added the company CryoLife Europe. Thus we may also on the DGTHG 5 customer pampered here.

SPARKASSE Paderborn-Detmold

On 02.16.2016 we pamper guests and customers of Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold in Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn with our mobile coffee bars and our professional BARISTA.

E-World Food 2016

GDF Suez, Storengy and BP Gas & Oil still count on the high quality of the coffee catering of GRUPPO CS. This year it may be a bit more culinary. BP Gas & Oil has decided to transfer its entire stand catering to GRUPPO CS.

ETNA Coffee Technologies

New in our range the ETNA Dorado Espresso. Nothing comes the aroma of freshly ground coffee equal. Superior quality coffee. High quality Swiss brewing. 8 or 16 drink recipes adjustable at will. Brewing unit with preheating. Optional cup sensors with intelligent lighting. double outlet

January 2016

DOMOTEX Hannover

This year already starts again very crazy. We start with the DOMOTEX fair in Hannover.

IMM Cologne

Immediately afterwards we will go un swieder for a good 10 days after Cologne to IMM (International Furniture Fair). We serve there again with 8 coffee / espresso machines our lagjährigen customers.

LINC Course International Leipzig 2016

It's crazy. The LINC Congress now is growing year after year and we can grow. We may now already understand almost as Hauscaterer at LINC. MEDTRONIC, COOK Medical, TERUMO Europe, CORDIS, Straub Medical, MAQUET Europe and Qualimed we were again this year with our Coffee Catering, stand catering and serving food catering. It was a great success. New customers and orders we could then call our.

News 2015

Dear visitor. The 2015 was so full with innovations and events that we have, unfortunately, time and staff failed to maintain our news section. Of course, we were back on vieln German and European Mesen and congresses with our mobile bars go. Our teams from COFFEE CATERING were quasi months "non stop" on the way.

A small excerpt: IMM Cologne, LINC International Course Leipzig, ISM Cologne, E-World food DGTHG Freiburg, Leipzig Book Fair, Hannover Messe Industrie, Internorga Hamburg, Charing Cross Meeting London, DAC Congress Dusseldorf, ERA EDTA London, EuroPCR Paris, FCRO Milan, Formula student Hockenheim, ESC London, CIRSE Lisbon, Euro Spine Copenhagen, EASD Stockholm, VW chief meeting, VSOU Baden Baden, DKOU Berlin, Frankfurt book Fair, perfusionists meeting Weimar, DGK Mannheim, DWG Frankfurt and many more ......

HOST Milan 2015

HLF Italy brings its new Tabel Top unit 2700 on the market. Officially, they will be presented only to the Internorga in Germany. But one thing you can say now: "Is the Pops" !!! Fresh milk system milk pump, cold milk froth, rotary pump, touch screen monitor, modular, Instant module with 2 varieties as add-on module, refrigerator incl. Heat plate.

SANREMO presented at HOST in Milan, which we already know OPERA as well as the new device CAFE RACER. It is not just an eye-catcher. Let yourself be surprised in Hamburg in 2016, all at the Internorga.

HERZBLUT Opening 2015

HERZBLUT - decorative fashion furniture. In June 2015, we started with unseremkleinen offshoot ..... A huge success thanks to you. Not only for our private clients. Nei, our catering customers are begeister. We have allowed to supply 4 catering properties with our furniture, lamps and decorative alone in the first 6 months.

Coffee Catering im Juni 2013

Köln, Spata (Griechenland) und Köln im Juni

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Coffee Catering im Mai 2013

Von Nürnberg über Paris und Düsseldorf nach Hamburg

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Coffee Catering im April 2013

Von Mannheim über London, Nürnberg und Baden Baden bis München

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Paulini Caffè Kapseln

Paulini Caffè gibt es ab sofort auch in Kapseln.

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Alles dreht sich um die Bohne

Neue Westfälische vom 25.10.2012: Der Leopoldshöher Andreas Röthig reist als Kaffee-Barmann quer durch Europa

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