Can & Bottle

The future of cold drinks – Diesis is the most innovative solution currently available for dispensing cold drinks in both cans and bottles. Its contemporary stylish design is created to guarantee a user-friendly experience with its intuitive interface. The ease of maintenance helps complete this vending machine, and with its stylish design and elegant aesthetics it is quickly becoming the market’s benchmark for years to come.


  • Possibility to dispense cold drinks in all can and bottle formats
  • New compact cooling unit
  • Internal layout with fixed columns with optimized capacity

Design & user interface

  • Attractive and high impact aesthetics
  • Wide photographic panel
  • Userfriendly metallic interface with black polycarbonate inserts
  • New ergonomic dispensing compartment

Electronics & Maintenance

Elektronik und Wartung
  • 16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom
  • Large graphical dispaly with 20 characters for 10 lines
  • Master/slave conncetion with other Necta models
  • Direct access to columns for an easy load cycle
  • Collection of statistics in EVA DTS Standard